Minecraft Tower Defense New

Rating: 3.0/5 (42 votes)

Game Description
The ideas of Minecraft tower defense game Minecraft Tower Defense New are about Minecraft of Mojang. Minecraft Tower Defense New has a special point, which you can change the total number of nights before starting the game, but this number is also achievement that all of the Minecraft players have to pass. Sixty four diamond swords are available for you to place them along the way. This is the main purpose that is to destroy both zombies and skeletons. They are invading into your house. You can collect some booty like log, iron, diamond, cobble, zombie flesh, skeleton bone, sulfur and others from destroying the enemies. - See more at: http://minecraftgameonline.com/view/18/minecraft-tower-defense-new.html#sthash.UcYhuYsT.dpuf

How to play
Control the diamond sword by your mouse.

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