Minecraft Tower Defense Final

Rating: 3.0/5 (39 votes)

Game Description
You will start Minecraft Tower Defense Final game by 7 lives. There are 3 levels, which you have to overcome if you want to be a winner. Island level is the first level for your playing. If you can survive before the attacking of enemies successfully in this level, you will unlock the 2 remain levels. Your task in the game is to dig the path in your castle and protect the castle from entering of enemies. To protect, you have to build the solid traps and turrets, which are put along and inside the path. Try to destroy the enemies as much as you can because you can gain money from killing them. Have fun! - See more at: http://minecraftgameonline.com/view/32/minecraft-tower-defense-final.html#sthash.M7xydmcO.dpuf

How to play
The game is played by your mouse

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