Minecraft Rain Ambiance Ver 1.1

Rating: 3.0/5 (54 votes)

Game Description
Are you a loyal fan of Minecraft game? Do you know that you can hear the rhythm of the rain in some of games of Minecraft? Can you believe? Let discover the secret in Minecraft Rain Ambiance Ver 1.1 game? The rhythm of the rain will appear when you have just opened the game. Let enjoy! With the volume bar on the center, you can change the volume to suitable your hearing. The Options button is a secret. When you open it, you can see many different sounds such as: Cow moo, Pig grunt, Thunder, Zombie growl or Chicken chirp. Let combine it with the sound of the rain if you want. What do you hear? Let talk to your friends and invite them to enjoy with you. Have a good time! - See more at: http://minecraftgameonline.com/view/29/minecraft-rain-ambiance-ver-11.html#sthash.U8kZxRV5.dpuf

How to play
The mouse is used to play the game

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