Mine Blocks 1.23

Rating: 3.0/5 (53 votes)

Game Description
This is one of the best Minecraft adventure game for everybody who loves Minecraft games. There are a lot of resources in the small world. Those are coal, wood, rock, sand, sapling, cactus, cobblestone, redstone dust, iron ore, golden apple, orange, gold ore and more. You must discover this world and collect them to craft something. The wood is the main resources. Next, some crafting recipes are wooden plank, sticks, stone pickaxe, crafting table, torch, chest… This game has some new points that are new achievement system, iron doors, hundreds of lag and bug fixes, wooden pressure plates, new explosion particles, potatoes. There are also candy apples, carrots, caramel, skyholds, blazes, ender, endermen, the ender dragon boss, armor bar, gold armor. - See more at: http://minecraftgameonline.com/view/8/mine-blocks-123.html#sthash.FzjJcSfA.dpuf

How to play
The resources are mined by the mouse. Use the WASD keys for movement. - See more at: http://minecraftgameonline.com/view/8/mine-blocks-123.html#sthash.FzjJcSfA.dpuf

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